how to monday


“C’est lundi: surtout, ne bougez pas. Ne cédez pas à la tentation de l’action, aux conseils pour bien démarrer la semaine, pour démarrer la journée du bon pied. Ignorez les injonctions. Faites la sourde d’oreille. Fermez tous les accès et regardez attentivement votre fort intérieur.” 

“It’s Monday: above all, you mustn’t move. Do not give in to the temptation of taking action, to the advice on how to get a head start on your week, to start your day off right. Ignore the orders. Play deaf. Shut off all exits and take a good look at what is inside. “

Frédérique Aït-Touati


Wake up slow, to the morning light of longer days; press snooze. Maybe twice. Lie in bed for a minute or twenty. Open your window, pick your phone, or a book. Fall back asleep for a couple of heartbeats. Make breakfast, make your bed. Drink your tea sitting cross-legged on the floor. Send a text to someone you love, watch a video that makes you laugh. Decide to start at nine-thirty instead of nine. Wear a striped shirt that feels like Spring and like the weekend. Don’t put your headphones on, for once. Breathe deep and take the long way to the Library. Flit through the books before sitting down, wonder whether or not to borrow one, do. Just in case. You never know. Leave the to-do list for tomorrow; commit to three things and work your way through those. Bring out the black olives for lunch and the honey-mustard chips. Take a two-hour lunch break and make some more tea, get distracted. Make plans for the week. Buy avocados, smash them with lime and half a tomato and a sprinkle of chili flakes, some red onion, spread it on toast. Finish the olives. Breathe, breathe. Slow down, and then go slower still. Put some older music on: Angus and Julia Stone’s 2010 album, Jason Mraz. Light a candle. Stay under the shower for longer than necessary, put on a face mask, eat a cookie and then two more. It’s Monday. You gotta celebrate.


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