today was good


bb à sfu

Today was good in that delicious and graceful way that things are good when they are unexpected. A slice of quiet and magic amidst this strange period. It was good in the way that early mornings and eye-liner feel good. It was smashed avocado toast and sunshine, and the former was delicious and the latter a freaking godsend.

I got to spend time outside wearing nothing but a t-shirt. And sure, I had to wrap myself up in my scarf fifteen minutes into it, but still. It counts.

Today was booking a three day trip to Yosemite out of the blue, in May, and feeling so excited I could shake. I kind of did. It was hitting the fifty-page mark on my Master’s thesis, and wrapping up the second third of it, and buying a hot chocolate and a maple cream donut to celebrate. It was booking more flights and having plans work out and receiving Instax Mini film in the mail. Oranges and the smell of citrus in my hands, afterwards.

I got to hang out with some of the good ones and that was my favorite : taking pictures and feeling slightly ridiculous and people watching, sat outside. Stopping at Starbucks for an impromptu-update-turned-thirty-minutes-conversation and making plans for the rest of the week.

Today was walking home with the setting sun on my face. Late night phone calls to the other side of the ocean where it is already morning. It felt both peaceful and exciting, and that is the best kind of feeling, right now.



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