guilty pleasures

happy bb

A pack of Kettle’s Honey & Dijon Mustard chips. Going to bed at nine p.m. Reading fan fiction (Harry Potter, Captain America, Teen Wolf. Ironically, I have never seen Teen Wolf). Terrible French rap. Horrifying my friends with my terrible taste in French rap. Spending an entire day in bed. Snapchat filters (a recent development). Vegan “what I eat in a day” videos. Buying a brand new book. Bodysuits. Four p.m. potato wedges or fries. A cheeky glass of solo wine. Epic sneakers. Getting lost in libraries. Playing dress-up with my wardrobe. I was going to say wanking, but I refuse to feel guilty for that one. E!News’ Instagram account. A second cup of tea in the morning. Big brows. Pinterest. Organizing my laptop’s files and folders. Re-listening to music that I listened to as a teen. Wearing sneakers without socks. Clothing that looks terrible at first glance but turns out to have an epic cool factor (looking at you, crimson varsity jacket, black overalls, burgundy velvet leggings, space shoes). An extra large hot chocolate and a donut. Quitting work early. The random cigarette I’ll smoke maybe twice a year. People watching in the subway. Country music. Ramen for breakfast. Men’s boxers as pyjama pants. Watching music clips on TV. Green smoothies; I keep expecting them to fix my acne and my life. A French cheese called Brillat Savarin aux Truffes: soft, smelly, and truffle-lined. Red lipstick.


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