poetry fragments



give me the sweet tongue of a girl
writing poems on
the nape of my neck, the
glittering underbelly of skin
new, shedded, wet with sparkle,
young game uncaught
sweet like bubbles, the goosebumps her music fingers play on my skin,
the promise of summer


you have left ash on my pillows you
have left
mouthfuls of promises,
lovewords that broke
off your lips and
dried, crisp in the morning


i will never be as young as the girl
ribcage splayed open, reaching for the sky,
red and opalescent white, the sunset
painting her body aflame
the beat of a dying heart, never this young darling,
never this young


all of my teeth have
fallen out and i
do not know how to write


i am the sea. i am
the water
the black waves that
kiss your legs cold and
cradle your dead.


my rebel mouth, my
broken teeth


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