I was thinking out loud earlier today (hi, I have conversations with myself) and there was this thought : as women, I think, we learn to develop a somewhat solid instinct when it comes to interactions we may have with men, and the potential discomfort or danger they may bring. 


There’s a difference between the man that says your shoes look cool and the stranger that says I will dream about your legs tonight. Between the man that in the name of casual conversation asks you how old you are, and if smoking shit is one of your hobbies, and who laughs in a way that is careless, and the man that tells you about where he is from and how he felt when he first came to this sprawling mess of a city, and who thanks you when you ask him about his day.


There is a difference, between equal and between prey. Trust your instinct, is the thing. Trust it, and believe in the instinct of others when they speak it. And then unravel the work that made them predators and that made you prey. You are not prey. You are your own wild thing (and you do, indeed, have very cool shoes).


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