grand canyon


The good photos will have to wait, because I don’t have my USB, or my computer, for that matter, and WordPress struggles with accessing my phone photos.



I’m learning more about what travelling means to me, on this trip; about what I want it to be like and the meanings I find in it.


We bussed for eleven hours for a two-hour stay, which is its own brand of insanity, but when I saw the canyon all of a sudden it was OK.


I felt very small, watching the unreal immensity of a 3000-million year old Grand Canyon. It is a good feeling.

I’m terrified by my own mortality, most of the time, but being able to explore places far wilder and older than I will ever be, it is comforting somewhat.


I hope I touch the world carefully. That I tread lightly and harm it as little as I can. I hope I am soft to it.

I hope I get to see more of it, and that I never cease to be amazed by it, and that I keep learning to explore.


On the way back the earth is yellow and the sky is an endless blue, and in between both there is a thick line of green from the trees and those three simple colours are their own form of beauty.


This world, I tell one of my close friends, it has my heart.



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