feet made for walking


So, A., he asks. What is your favourite thing to do, when you are traveling ? To which I reply, easy as breathing, walking.


I clocked in 20 kilometers today, 18 yesterday. My feet are starting to feel like a sort of mush. My knee, surprisingly, is doing well.


The thing about walking is that it creates space, expands time into slowness. It gives room for sight and smells and hearing; for detours. For wind in your hair and sweat down your back where your backpack sticks to your shirt.


I ate my first nectarines of the season and it felt sacred, almost, the return of both the fruit and the Summer. I went inside all of the bookshops that I stumbled upon, dreamt about the books I would read if I could, the smell of old wood and shelves, fingers brushing along chapbooks and zines. I walked down 24th street four more blocks than originally planned because there were murals one after the other and tiny holes-in-the-walls where everything is written in Spanish first, and then, and only maybe, in English.


One thing that works really well for me, she says, when my feet ache, is rolling a tennis ball with my soles. And so I am passing it on, in case you like walking too.


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