half-way point


And just like that, we’re at day 50 of Elle Luna’s 100 Day Challenge; a month’s worth of daily The Quiet + The Wild blog posts. I am probably not alone in this, but I’m half well, I didn’t see that one sneaking up on me and half aw, heck, are you telling me there’s fifty more days of this to go?

It’s not looking what I thought it would, so far, this half-way point. This blogging gig.

To be honest, I reckoned it would be far more thought-through than it is. I thought it would be intentional; that I would have a plan. That I would write with something meaningful or beautiful to say.

Instead, I blog at the very end of my day, almost like an afterthought, have no real idea of what I want to say right until I open up a new draft. I thought I would blog about deep thoughts, but more often than not I hastily jot down tiny slices of life and errant thoughts. (It’s just that there is so much living to do right now. So many places, and so many hikes, and so many people. This season, it is so, so good.)

It feels very much like old school blogging: an open stream of out-loud thoughts shared on an online diary. A new-to-me way of documenting this moment in my life. And while it is not cool, or good-looking (man these phone photos and this phone blogging are starting to weigh on me. Excited to be able to access a computer in June in order to access my big camera photos and edit things more easily), or very modern, I am grateful for these little snapshots of who I am right now. If it is all this challenge sums up to – hastily-written blog posts like messy and partial echoes of these three months, I will be alright with that.

I started this challenge in Vancouver, completely overwhelmed by the perspective of handing in my thesis on the 11th of May and already feeling this moment of my life, these four months, slipping away. Half-way through and I am in Oahu, getting ready for the biggest hike of my life up to now, discovering honey-roasted almonds and spending time in the wild. I’m excited to see where the following 50 days take me next.


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  1. Doc says:

    So are we, child, so are we…


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