today’s adventures


Found a teeny tiny park on a hill near Twin Peaks with a swing overlooking the rest of San Francisco; got help from two German dudes to get on it because it was high off the ground. One of them asks do you want me to take a picture for you, and I say yes, please.

Walked 47.5K steps, also known as 33 kilometers, also known as some form of insanity but when you’re going slow and it’s warm and the conversation is good you sort of don’t notice, you know ?

Sat on the handlebars of a fixed-gear bike and let a friend pedal us along the Bay at sunset, my hands on his so I wouldn’t fall and my feet kicking around the front wheel.

Went into a bookstore at 10 PM and bought a new book (Tales of a City by Armistead Maupin).

Saw the sunset, watched the waves, ate pizza, shot polaroïds, went to Glen Canyon and Twin Peaks and Sutro Baths and Lands End.


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