I want to be super quiet today, I texted my father this morning, so I am going to be super quiet today.


Quiet days look like grocery shopping. Like a third cup of tea and two showers in the same day. Like fresh fruit and cookies and YouTube videos. A thick book to slowly work your way through. Grey skies and cautious wind. Like walking to Abbot Kinney and stopping at Salt & Straw for ice-cream because there is no queue and you can’t just ignore a sign from the gods like that. It looks like walking slowly and looking at the street art. Like cooking a super simple dinner from scratch; coconut rice and black beans and mango and avocado. Like watching the first three episodes of Queer Eye. Drinking lots of water. Calling two people I love and basking in both the feeling of them caring for me and the ache of not being close. Like listening to music, and like singing in the middle of the street.


It looks, unsurprisingly, like saying less, like doing less, like moving more slowly, like watching more. Like inhaling and exhaling. Like sitting with myself.


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