whilst on a plane


I’m going to throw up / The world is so pretty / Shoot, I need to pee / Oh, turbulence, yay, I’m definitely going to be sick now /  I understand why Eluard once said that the planet was as blue as an orange / Goodness, I feel so small / I really am a speck of dust in the universe, aren’t I / I DON’T WANT TO DIE AND DISSOLVE INTO NOTHINGESS FOR EVER AND ALL ETERNITY / Can I have a diet Coke please ? / I really need to pee / Should I ask them to get up so I can get out of the row ? / I can probably wait / No, I should ask them / Fuck it, they’re asleep / I’ll take the pretzel mix, please / Where on Earth do I need to plug my earphones ? / D’you reckon I can fall asleep on their shoulder ? / Yep, still feeling sick / I’m sorry, do you mind if I … Thanks. Thank you ! / Gjbegflshkd / When did I fall asleep ? / Hi, I’m sorry, do you have a sick bag I can hold on to just in case ? / I really thought I was going to be productive this time around, but nope / Do I have time for another movie ? / Oh wow this is beautiful / Look at the clouds ! / Where are you travelling to ? / Do you think thirty minutes is enough time to make a connection ? / Oh no, landing time / Yes, I am aware that I look wildly uncomfortable but believe me, my looks have nothing on how I’m feeling / Freakin frikkiddy fuck / Yay, I can stop shaking now / Hmm, will I be able to pull out my carry-on one handed ? / I am so very sorry for your shoulder, sir / Thank you so much, have a great rest of your day !


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