fifteen things i am good at



Someone asked me, tonight : what are you good at ? And then, would you be able to list the things you are good at ? The things you could improve on, or that you are bad at – those are easy. What is difficult is acknowledging and honoring your strengths. 

And, well, they are right. So, here. Fifteen things I am good at.


1. I am good at cooking, and meal planning, and trying new recipes, and eating good food. // 2. I am good at keeping my eyes wide open and noticing the beauty and magic of the ordinary. // 3. I am good at writing. // 4. I am good at remembering birthdays and finding good gifts for people I love. // 5. I am good at putting cool outfits together. // 6. I am good at singing. // 7. I am good at taking care of young children, at playing make believe, at reading a third book with all the voices and at holding sticky, tiny warm hands in mine. // 8. I am good at trying new things and at stepping out of my comfort zone. // 9. I am good at taking care of myself. // 10. I am good at airports and packing suitcases and always choosing the window seat. // 11. I am good at forgiving. // 12. I am good at laughing, and being silly, and at turning anything into a sexual innuendo. // 13. I am good at walking, and at hiking // 14. I am good at speaking in public. // 15. I am good at figuring out maps and directions.


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